About Ice or Fire

Ice or Fire is your weekly source for what's new in movies, books, and music. Every week we search the web with our thermometer for the newest releases and then let you know if they're Ice or Fire.

What's This Ice and Fire Stuff?

We rate movie, book, and music releases as Ice cold or Fire hot. An Ice rated release isn't the best the entertainment world has to offer. Does that mean that an entertainment connoisseur like yourself should skip it? That's up to you. Everyone has their guilty pleasures so if you have a soft spot for a bad romantic comedy, we won't judge.

Fire rated releases are the cream of the crop, the cat's meow... Simply put, these are excellent so check them out as soon as you can! Don't forget your oven mitts ;)

How Do I Know If A Release is on Fire?

If a release has enough rating votes, there'll be a a flame or an ice cube with a percentage score. This is the Ice or Fire rating.

Ok. Can I Rate Movies, Music, and Books?

Of course you can... if you sign up. (Go ahead -- we'll wait.) Once you're logged in, vote on a movie, album, or book by clicking on the pink thumbs up icon. Fluffy will tally your vote and it will impact the quality rating. For media that you've voted on, your rating will replace the thumbs up icon.

How Do I View My Ratings?

Go to your profile page and your ratings will be listed there.

What's With the Background Colors on the Profile Images?

The colors are related to how many movies, albums, and books that you've rated. Unlike politics, vote early and vote often.

What Are Levels on Profiles?

Levels are more or less the same as the profile image colors. As you rate more stuff, you will "level up" like in a video game. At least you don't have to wander around a dungeon and kill the dragon to level up here.

I'm A Self-published Author. Can You Feature My Book?

Fluffy says probably. We love self published authors here on Ice or Fire -- the go get 'em attitude is awesome. If your book(s) are on Amazon, we'd be doggone excited to feature you. Let us know about your book by completing the self-published author form and we'll get back to you.

I'm A Self-published Musician. Can You Feature My Music?

If your music is listed on Amazon, Fluffy can fetch it! (We're jealous of your music ability... if we try really hard, we can play the radio.) Tell us all about your music by completing the self-published musician form and we'll get back to you.

Who's Fluffy The Corgi?

Fluffy is our faithful canine companion. He's here to help you find the best in entertainment. Feel free to throw him a bone (or send him a message) -- he loves the attention!

Legal Mumbo Jumbo

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