Bend Soaps All Natural Skincare Review

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Carrot Cake Counts As Veggies, Right?

My family and I have been trying to be a bit healthier by starting a garden and avoiding toxic chemicals. It's been a bit difficult because Diet Coke and Girl Scout cookies taste so good! I'm not sure about kicking Diet Coke to the curb but we have decided to try some natural products. Our search to avoid a witch's brew of unpronounceable ingredients led us to Bend Soap.

So Why Bend Soap, Anyway?

We read their story and it makes sense: your body's biggest organ is your skin so why not lather it up in healthy stuff? Instead of who knows what, their soaps are made with goat's milk and other natural ingredients. Ok enough with the introduction... is the product any good?

How We Judge Soap

To determine if the soap is any good we had to set a baseline. Just what should soap do? Well, two obvious things: clean me and smell nice. Other than making me smell fresh and removing dirt, I expect soap to create a lather.

Cleaning Power A.K.A Removing Your Funk

Did Bend Soap clean well? Let's start by describing the soap. Goat milk soap isn't like your "normal" soaps such as Zest, Coast, or Dial because they are "soft" soaps that kind of dissolve in water. Harder soaps, including those made from goat milk, don't dissolve as easily in water and last longer. Bend Soap products cleaned just as well as the traditional soaps, left me feeling fresh, and without the "slime" that some other soaps leave on my skin after a shower.


Does It Smell Nice?

As you can tell from image above, we tested 6 different soaps: Lemon Lavender, Oatmeal & Honey, Citrus Mint, All Shield, Sweet Orange, and Honey Grapefruit. All 6 products have a pleasing smell but All Shield is my favorite. If I had to pick my least favorite, it'd have to be Honey Grapefruit which had a good fragrance but it was pretty muted.


Scrub-a-dub-dub Are There Bubbles In my Tub?

Bend Soap products do create a lather but not as much as the traditional soaps that you're probably used to. That didn't really matter to me because even with less bubbles the soap still left me clean and fresh. If you're a bubble freak then you might be let down with Bend Soap.


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Splish Splash, Is Bend Soap Worth the Cash?

Yes! I recommend all 6 of the soaps that we tried and I believe that you won't be disappointed with your purchase. If you only want one fragrance, I'd pick All Shield. Bend Soaps earn a Fire!


Let me know what you think of Bend Soaps in the comments below.