Cheetos Jalapeño Mac'N Cheese Review

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Spicy Cheesy Goodness or Blech?

When I reviewed the last flavor of Cheetos Mac'N Cheese, there were mixed reviews. Two out of three of thought it was pretty good, while one of us was grossed out. How will this one rate?

This time there was only one reviewer... me. You can read my verdict three times if you really want three opinions. :)

Which Flavor Do I Pick?

I bought a three flavor variety pack which includes Bold & Cheesy, Cheesy Jalapeño, and Flamin' Hot. The Magic 8-ball picked Cheesy Jalapeño so that's the Chef's Choice.

Fire Up The Pot!

What can I say? It's mac'n cheese. Boil the water, throw in the noodles, drain them, add milk, butter and the incredibly fragrant flavor packet. Like the Bold & Cheesy variety that I tried last time, the "cheese" and "jalapeño" seasoning is three things: fragrant, colorful, and made from a ground up mystical substance.

Cheetos Mac'n Cheese Cheesy Jalapeño

The Taste Test

I honestly didn't expect much from Chester Cheetah's cheesy concoction but I was pleasantly surprised. The Bold & Cheesy was ok but I enjoyed the Cheesy Jalapeño so much that I had a second bowl. It was spicier than I thought it would be and the flavor of the cheese came through without tasting artificial. I'll definitely buy some more of Cheetos Mac'N Cheese Cheesy Jalapeño!

The Verdict

I loved it! Chester Cheetah earns a Fire.