GreenStalk Vertical Garden Review

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Eat Your Veggies!

My family and I are trying to embrace a healthier lifestyle with using all natural soaps and eating more veggies. There's no better way to teach our kids about plants and get healthy than to plant a garden.

So What Is GreenStalk?

We wanted to grow a garden but we're new to it so we wanted something easy to maintain that didn't require a lot of setup. That's where GreenStalk comes in. The GreenStalk Vertical Garden system is a collection of specialized pots that stack on top of one another. It allows you to grow a tower of crops that that don't take up much space and are easy to water.

Check Out My Green Thumb

We started off slow by setting up 2 different towers of crops. In our first tower, we planted carrots and peas. Tower number two has radishes. You can see our radishes sprouting below.

GreenStalk Vertical Garden

Benefits of GreenStalk

So what's the pros of the GreenStalk system?

  • It's easy. Setting up the towers are pretty simple even for a new "farmer" like me. Just add soil, plant the seeds, stack the towers, and water from the top level using the provided tray.
  • The tower is on wheels. The whole tower can be rotated easily to make sure that all of your plants are getting lots of sun. That's a nice feature (if you buy the add-on).
  • You can put it anywhere. Our towers are on the deck of our house. I don't have to kneel down in the dirt of my backyard to weed and water my plants.
  • It's customizable. If you want a tower that's 5 levels high or 2 levels high you can do it. There's also an available add-on that clips on the outside of the pots for vines to grow around.

Downsides of GreenStalk

Nothing is all unicorns and rainbows... there are some cons.

  • GreenStalk is more expensive than a traditional garden. It's not super pricey but the cost of buying multiple towers, the wheels and the vine add-on do add up.
  • It's heavy. Wheeling around and rotating a full tower can be a little difficult depending on what surface it's on. It's a little difficult to turn on my wooden deck but I'm guessing it'd be easier on a concrete patio.
  • Weeding can be difficult. I haven't really had this problem (yet) but if weeds start to grow under or near the center of the tower layer they can be hard to reach.

Verdict AKA Green Thumbs Up or Down?

I haven't gardened since I helped my parents with their plants many years ago. I remembered hating gardening as a kid because I had to kneel in the dirt and my back started to hurt after a while. The GreenStalk Vertical Garden system solves those problems as well as letting me grow plants anywhere. Overall, I love the GreenStalk system and I'd recommend it.

GreenStalk earns two green thumbs up and a Fire!