Mountain Dew Major Melon Review

by IoFAdmin at

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When Did Mountain Dew Join the Military?

When I see new flavors of Mountain Dew, two things go through my head: what were they thinking and I need to try that. The newest flavor at my local Walmart was Major Melon so I grabbed some. By the way, when did Mountain Dew join the army?

Watermelon Mountain Dew? Really?

My first impression was watermelon flavored Mountain Dew has to be nasty. Mountain Dew is my favorite soda and I do like watermelon on a hot summer day... but the two of them together? They go hand in hand like toothpaste and orange juice, right?

What Unholy Color Is This?

I poured a glass of our experimental drink and I was greeted with a very dark pink concoction. This color would've looked great on a 1980's sweater along with Electric Blue. (You young people should watch Stranger Things if you don't get the reference.)

So Is It Any Good? AKA Should the Major Be Demoted?

Surprisingly, I thought it was pretty good. It reminds me of Mountain Dew and Jolly Ranchers mixed together would taste like (I'm guessing, haven't tried it). You can definitely taste the watermelon but it's not over-powering. It won't replace "normal" Mountain Dew as my favorite soda but I recommend Mountain Dew Major Melon.