Our RenPy Game Part 2 - Storyline

by IoFAdmin at

renpy | python | programming

Recap of Last Time

We decided that we're going to write a family-friendly pirate visual novel with a pixelated 16-bit style that uses text-based choices as well as visual buttons that react when clicked.

Catch up with part 1.

Main Storyline of Chapter 1

Let's start with a broad idea and flesh out the ideas of Chapter 1.

  1. Our cat, Miss Fluffybottom, runs out of the house and down to the beach.
  2. A giant squid swallows Miss Fluffybottom but then spits her out. (I guess cats aren't very tasty?)
  3. The cat lands on the deck of a nearby pirate ship.
  4. We have to somehow get onboard the ship and get Fluffybottom back.

Fleshing Out the Main Points

We know we lost our cat and that we need to get her back from a bunch of pirates but that's it. Now we'll list the tasks that we need to accomplish to save our precious kitty.

  1. Find a pot: We need a pot to join the crew as the cook. We'll find in in our house but we'd better not let Mom know!
  2. Get a cookbook: After buying pirate clothes, we'll give our eye-patch to tavern barkeeper and she'll give us her cookbook which is needed to join crew.
  3. Buy pirate clothes: Everyone knows you can't board a pirate ship if you don't look like a salty dog. We can buy clothes from ex-pirate with a gold coin.
  4. Obtain a banana: We'll trade the monkey in the tree our banana for his gold coin. Apparently monkeys don't grasp the monetary value of bananas.
  5. Find a gold coin: We'll use it to buy pirate clothes.
  6. Learn the banana bread recipe: We can't be pirate cook if can't make a tasty treat.
  7. Earn 100 points: Who doesn't like points?

Wrapping Up

That completes our main story points for Chapter 1. Next time we'll start setting up our RenPy project. See you soon!