Cheetos Mac'n Cheese Review

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I'm not a super Cheetos fan... I like them well enough and I probably only eat them a few times per year but when I saw Mac'n Cheese Cheetos on Amazon I knew I had to try them.

They come in a 3 pack to cover all of your cheesy gourmet needs: Bold & Cheesy, Cheesy Jalepeno, and Flamin' Hot. My daughter doesn't really like spicy foods so Bold & Cheesy won out.

Cookin' Up Something Good!

I diced, filleted, poached, and sautéed for hours... of course not. This is mac'n cheese. I boiled some water, threw the noodles in, drained it and added some milk and butter. Finally, I mixed in some very fragrant and bright orange "cheese" which may or may not have been created through dark magic. Since we're very classy noodle connoisseurs, we grilled some turkey burgers and steamed some locally sourced and sustainable corn (from the frozen section of Walmart).

Cheetos Mac'n Cheese

The Taste Test

Me: Not bad, not great. It kind of tastes like noodles mixed with a bag of Cheetos Puffs. It's also very fragrant and super bright orange. I'd probably eat it again if I had a box in the pantry but I wouldn't make a trip to the store just to buy it.


Son: He loved it... finished his plate and wanted more. If you ask him, it's the best mac'n cheese he's ever tasted!


Daughter: Yuck! It's the worst mac'n cheese she's ever tasted. She refused to finish it so my son was happy to eat it for her.


The Verdict

2 Fires to 1 Ice. So we say it's Fire!